Thirty-five years ago when I began my own journey of personal growth and development, I recognized that most psychotherapies did not take into account the whole person. I later discovered that talking and thinking about emotional problems was limited in effectiveness because the neurological pathways from the mind to the emotional centres of the brain are just not developed. You can't reach in and make simple adjustments and solve the problems, although your mind may think that it can.

After I received my Ph.D. in 1977 and while I was Director of the Holistic Health Center of Los Angeles, I developed new methods and techniques, that when added to the knowledge that I had already learned, comprised a therapy of the whole person. I work with the body, the emotional centres of the brain, the thinking mind, and the spiritual dimension to bring about a radical restructuring of one's life so that the individual can become a more creative, energetic, relaxed and happy person.